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Impact Institute welcomes Menno van Leeuwen and launches CSRD Hub

Impact Institute is ramping up its Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) game by launching a new platform for collaboration – CSRD Hub. 

CSRD is an opportunity for all European companies

CSRD opens a rich experience for companies across the European Union to achieve true sustainability transformation. The launch of the platform comes at a vital time as CSRD reporting deadlines across industries are approaching. Many organisations are still looking for information and guidance, in which the CSRD Hub can provide. 

Meet our new Corporate Sustainability Solutions Lead

We are excited to welcome Menno to welcome as Impact Institute’s new CSRD Lead. Menno has rich experience in navigating the complex landscape of sustainability, innovation, strategy, and business development, bringing a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Impact Institute.

In his new role, Menno will be our CSRD lead, managing the education & solutions team and driving CSRD Solutions Business Development;  Leveraging regulatory changes as catalysts for long-term societal impact through education, software, data and advisory.

Discover CSRD Hub with its pragmatic approach

The CSRD hub is aimed at helping organisations to become CSRD proof. We see CSRD as on opportunity to grow organisations by strategically using CSRD for sustainable decision making and action. For that to work we need to help companies to spend as little time on the elemental practical details, and more time on using CSRD in a transformative way, ultimately making a positive change.

Take concrete steps via our CSRD Hub, from kicking off your learning journey with the CSRD academy, to letting our software do the hard work for you in a double materiality assessment and data collection. With Impact Institute’s integrated cutting-edge technology, the CSRD Hub supports both do-it-yourself functionalities as well as facilitation and implementation by our Impact Institute experts.

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