Education Bootcamps

Digital Education combined with impact bootcamps and team events

Our digital platform can be offered in combination with tailored-made sessions. We also offer Impact Bootcamps, a combination of e-learning, live lessons and group assignments.

Lessons can be provided by Impact Institute; external experts can be included upon request.

We offer on-demand access to impact experts, impact coaching, in-person live sessions, in-house events, masterclasses and bootcamps for every type of organisation, up to 500+ people.

Our programme enables professionals to achieve and retain impact mastery

We offer digital and in-person sustainability education to finance, strategy, and sustainability professionals in the financial, energy and food sectors.

Our teachers are world-leading experts in impact measurement, who implement hundreds of impact valuation projects at the largest corporations and financial institutions.

We apply an award-winning methodology, developed with a.o. Harvard Business School and published in Nature publishing.

We use a variety of learning techniques, including case studies on SMEs, banks, multinationals.

Our award-winning impact measurement methods were developed with the leading business universities and became available through the Impact Economy Foundation.

Business and financial institutions that want to have a positive impact on society need professionals that master impact

Master the language of impact

Businesses and financial institutions that want to create a positive impact on society need people who master the language of impact.

Impact literacy

Impact literacy will ease compliance with ever-evolving frameworks, such as CSRD, TCFD, Human Rights due Diligence, EU Taxonomy.

Interactive Impact Education

Impact Institute offers an interactive Impact Education Programme that enables professionals to acquire the needed impact skills, knowledge and behaviours.

How does an impact bootcamp look like?

This is an illustration of what an Impact Bootcamp could look like. It combines digital e-learning with digital live lessons. On-site events are also possible.

By the end of the programme, participants receive a certificate.